Petty Cash of Morena: Accusations of Links with Millionaire Contracts in Pemex

Morena Operator Is at the Center of the Controversy over Contracts with Companies Linked to the President

CDMX.- In the eye of the controversy is Javier Núñez López, former Tabasco leader of Morena, who faced accusations in 2012 for triangulating public funds from the City Government towards the project of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

Currently, Núñez López is in charge of signing significant contracts at Petróleos Mexicanos (@Pemex), linking companies related to relatives of the president.

The working relationship between Núñez López and AMLO spans two decades, but his political past resurfaces with accusations of diversion of public funds in 2012. Today, this character manages contracts at Pemex for a total amount of 100 billion pesos, closely related to companies linked to members of the presidential family.

During the period between 2019 and 2023, Núñez López signed contracts at Pemex, amounting to significant figures, with companies linked to relatives of the president.

An example of this is the signing of contracts for 165 million pesos in Dos Bocas with ORB Desarrollodora, owned by relatives of a friend close to AMLO, and with Desarrollos Regua, a company belonging to a member of Andy’s network of friends.

In the period from August 2022 to October 2023, Núñez López authorized five contracts totaling more than 23 billion pesos with Baker Hughes, a company linked to the so-called Gray House in Houston, previously occupied by José Ramón López Beltrán.

Petty Cash of Morena: Accusations of Links with Millionaire Contracts in Pemex

Additionally, the same operator linked to the Obrador movement concluded a contract for more than 2,436 million pesos with a «front» company related to Marinsa, an oil services company in which Felipa Obrador Olán, the president’s first cousin, was associated.

These revelations highlight the need for a thorough review of the hiring processes at Pemex, as well as transparency in labor relations involving senior officials and their links with beneficiary companies.

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